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    With 12 weeks remaining in 2019, the question I’m asking is, “are you getting the results you desire?” Whether that answer is yes, no, or maybe, today’s blog will help close the year strong.?

    If extraordinary results are a product of your actions, to sell more than I suggest ignoring your sales goals and trust the process. Say what!? Let me explain.?

    We all feel the pressure to generate results. What if the source of lost sales is focusing too much on the RESULT than the PROCESS? Doing more of the wrong things pushes you away from your goals. The finish line isn’t where the race begins.?

    Top performers prepare to win by becoming more process vs. result-driven.?

    When the movie Moneyball came out, it introduced how subtle changes to player lineups can dramatically impact how teams interact and perform. If you understand the data behind those nuances, you can improve your odds of success significantly. The same principle applies to real estate sales.?

    “Trust the process, you must.” – Yoda

    The purpose of all your real estate marketing is to produce more appointments. Appointments are your moneyball. What processes do you have in place to create consistent quality appointments or referrals each week? Whatever marketing method you choose, consider this:?

    • Forty conversations lead to…?
    • Four appointments that lead to…
    • One, two, and in some cases three signed contracts.??

    What you measure, you manage. Regardless of the stage you’re in your sales cycle, the best salespeople have a success formula they trust. That includes a formula around the right amount of tracked, quality activities. Simply put, are you measuring the number of conversations you have, that produce appointments??

    Stop focusing on WHAT you do & start focusing on HOW you do it.

    The most important metric to track in your marketing and sales effort is the number of discovery meetings or appointments you set. Your ability to set the appointment is critical to your success. Of course, what you do and say during those meetings has a tremendous impact on your sales efforts, and whether they are productive and effective. But the essential piece of the puzzle is just setting enough appointments in the first place.?

    A couple of tips to drive more appointments:

    • Reach out during “off hours.”
    • Use multiple media – I once made an important meeting via SnapChat
    • Follow marketing’s lead – home value reports, market reports, and how to or community guides.”
    • Leverage referrals
    • Master the key questions?
      • Are you curious about the new value of your home?
      • Have you had any thoughts of selling?
      • At what price would you become a seller?
      • Just curious, do you know anyone interested in selling or investing in Real Estate??
    • Ask more often?

    Next steps? Align Your Actions and Behaviors:

    • Know your daily number
    • Roleplay/practice daily with a partner?
    • Daily prospecting for referrals and appointments??
    • Weekly Open Houses?
    • Geographic and Demographics Mailers and Events?
    • Track and report your numbers daily, weekly
    • Change the process and behavior or change the goal?

    Process-driven people are more consistent in their results. They are intentional about everything they do, and how they do it, rather than living in a constant state of reaction, pushing for the results.


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